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Music Is My Gig is Retiring


After much soul searching and deliberation, I have decided to retire the website: Music Is My Gig.  There were many factors that played into the decision, but the most convincing one was that my life had become so consumed with the website and that I was not able to get out and enjoy music like I once did. Even though that has been the case for a while now and I was feeling the void, I chose to continue because I felt the need for the gigs to be posted in a centralized website was  very much needed for the bands and the listeners alike.  I kept moving forward until now.   I recently discovered an AMAZING website called that I think can do the job of what was doing and then some.  I would like to endorse the website and the creators of it, Robby and Kevin and sincerely wish them both the best!  I do not know these creators but had the opportunity to speak with Robby on the phone about their site and they seem to be doing all the right things in a vast way.  Please check it out! 


I plan to go back to the listener/dancer status and those of you who know me will understand that will surely put a smile on my face.  I will keep the website up for a couple of weeks so that everyone knows of my decision and of a alternate website to visit to list gigs or find gigs.  I look forward to seeing more of my buddies and more bands in the coming months.  Life is short. I will continue to be in touch with the music world in many ways no doubt, but for now I will be where I belong at this moment in time which is savoring the sweet sounds of local live music and dancing like it is my last dance. 


I must close by saying THANK YOU!  Along this journey, I have met some of the most incredible band members and listeners alike and have had the great privilege of supporting and BEING supported by an amazing community of people who have stood behind me and encouraged me through every breath of this journey. I have absolutely no regrets and am completely humbled by the entire experience.  My heart overflows with joy and appreciation to all of you! The music of the bands and solo artists has touched my heart over and over again this past year with beautiful sounds that are forever carved in my memory but the smiles, the hugs, the laughs…..that is what leaves me speechless and has filled my heart in ways enumerable. Nothing can ever take that away.  I THANK YOU ALL  for supporting the site on so many different levels.  Bands,  I hope you will once again tolerate me stomping and dancing at your “gigs”.  Listeners, please keep supporting our local live music!  There is nothing else like it! To my circle of friends, I love each of you and hope to see you more! 


With love & music in my heart,  Penny Pike